Your Basic Mental-Tease Technique

by Sophie on

Reverse Psychology

Submitted for your approval (Twilight Zone theme begins to play), I present a stylized, yet accurate few minutes from the life of this obsessed traveler.

—After completing some way-too-early errands, I returned to bed this morning for a few minutes of downtime. Unfortunatly, I was quickly interrupted by a tap-tap-tappin’ on the front door (quote the raven, nevermore). I briefly debated the yays and nays of getting up to answer the tapping. I will. I won’t. I should. I don’t want to. Do it. Forget it. And at last, get up you bum.—

I’m up. I’m up! The tapping stopped twenty seconds ago but, at last, I’m up!

I’m on my way down the hall. I’ll just answer the door now and…oops. Where the heck is my physical? ———- Ironic Pause:

*** I’m trying to answer some tapping that has already stopped.

*** The person previously tapping has probably already walked away.

*** I couldn’t open the door, even if that person were still there and tapping, because my physical is presently lounging in the bedroom! ———-

But as long as I’m here, I may as well have a look outside.

I feel a slight “resistance” from the front door as I slide slowly through. The sensation is almost like pushing my way through a rubber version of the door. I can sense the door and all of its components (paint, wood layers, hardware, etc.). I’m almost through and…WOW, it’s bright out here! I forgot what time it is. The morning sun is at full blast. It’s nice to “feel” the warmth of the day.

And look, there goes my tapper. It was Jose. He’s already past the gazebo. Bye Jose. Thanks for stopping over. I’m going back to my physical now. That might make it a tad simpler to call you on the phone and find out what the heck you wanted!!!

—It is sometimes easier to leave your physical body when you are not trying to do so.— End Entry



Although you may have all of your travel-bases covered during an intentional attempt, you might not be able to get beyond a certain point that I call the “insomnia-effect”.

You might just hang there, stuck in your physical (look, there you are:). You’re not sleeping, nor are you fully awake, as you wait for a “catalyst” to blast you from your body and release you to the nonphysical environment (ooh, dramatic:)!

But ya know what, my friend? You are trying too hard. Your control over sleep is so complete, that you thus defeat the point you have reached, and often repeat, a wall you can’t beat.

In other words (for any non-rhyming rascals), although you may reach a “partial” awake\asleep line, you do not let yourself go (the catalyst). Instead, you simply lay there on the insomniac-edge.

So I suggest, that you try a reverse.


I’m Going To Sleep…I’m Not Going To Sleep
(also known as)
Your Basic Mental-Tease Technique

This technique starts as a “tease” that allows your physical to shut down, and ends with a “pull back” of your conscious control, that is then redirected towards your travel.

1. Go through your normal traveling-routine. This should include a relaxation technique, and a traveling-plan. A traveling-plan would be a focused-desire towards reaching a specific person, place, or object. Additionally, the travel-plan may be a desire to accomplish a specific task, while nonphysical.

2. Get ye to yonder awake\asleep line, for I declare it shall not thwart ye.

3. Ponder these thoughts or similar as you go:
“I am going to sleep now. I am going to give up my control for the moment, and slide down to sleep. I feel myself drifting to sleep.”

4. Let yourself go. It’s so easy to slip that line and cross to sleep. There ya go, over to sleep and…NOW WAKE UP! Pull back from that edge, and immediately begin to focus upon your traveling-plan. Put every ounce of your desire into that plan!

And here is what happens:

Your physical continues to sleep because you have given instructions for it to do so (you instructed, “I am going to sleep now”). You simply never told your physical that you intended to pull back your consciousness from that sleep-ride.

That tiny tidbit of trickery is kept just below the surface. You place this hidden agenda at the back of your thoughts, and ignore it, until it’s needed (like a surprise tapping upon your door). In this way, you can reach the “true” awake\asleep line, which allows the separation of the nonphysical from the physical. Now, with your physical asleep while you are awake, a solid travel-plan is all that’s left to focus upon.

With gradual successes at “pulling back”, you will greatly increase your chances for a travel and eliminate the insomnia-effect.

Written by: Sophie