What is a Tarot Reading and How Does it Work?

by Sophie on


The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards divided into four suits. The Major Arcana, consisting of 22 cards, represent powerful forces and archetypes. The Minor Arcana, consisting of four suits representing the four elements, portrays everyday life situations.
The exact origin of the Tarot is vague, although it has certainly been around for some time. They are not necessarily occult or mystical, although may people treat them as such. They are a tool for accessing the hidden levels of the mind and hidden aspects of reality.

What is a Tarot Reading and How Does it Work?

A Tarot reading consists of drawing several cards and then interpreting the pictures as having meaning. Almost always the cards that are drawn relate very directly to the subject of the reading.
Usually, a person will go to a Tarot reader who is skilled in interpreting the cards and can answer their questions from an outside perspective. The quality of Tarot readers varies dramatically. The best ones have a true empathy and intuitive ability which allows them to create stories and get to the heart of the question, rather than just read off card meanings.

Look around carefully for a good reader. Be wary of anyone who tells you what to do, or claims that they can predict the future with total accuracy. Good readers will work with you and tailor their readings to your needs, rather than force feed information that may or may not be useful.

The Mythic Tarot

I have used the Mythic Tarot for over 10 years now, and it is my favorite by far. In this deck, the artists have captured the simplicity and power of the famous Greek myths which form the underpinnings of Western culture.
I find that people can relate very directly to the primal images in this Tarot deck, and that the meanings flow naturally and easily from the card images and the legends that inspired them.

What the Tarot Can and Cannot Do

The Tarot cannot predict a fixed and inevitable future. Their images describe the qualities of a given moment, and energies acting upon and within the person consulting them.
The cards show you glimpses of the hidden threads which tie together all of life and time, and bring more unconscious information into consciousness so that you can make decisions with your entire awareness. They empower you to make decisions with more awareness.

Because they capture a particular moment, they can indicate trends and possibilties for the future. However, the secret of the Tarot, or any other form of divination, is that they allow you to see the present moment more deeply and create new futures with that knowledge.

Written by: Sophie