Wake induced lucid dream

by Sophie on

Can you discuss some of the verifiable aspects of the travels you’ve experienced; the things that make you sure it’s not just a “lucid dream?” (Thank you for asking.)

In the chapter titled “Flip” from my book, I relate my struggle for confirmation of actually being “beyond the physical” as opposed to simply dreaming the incident. I won’t give away my conclusion (for those of you who have yet to read it, shame shame) but I would like to elaborate on how you may distinguish between a lucid dream (a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. The dream may be controlled or directed as you desire.) and “traveling.”

Confirmation is accomplished by examining while nonphysical (or lucid dreaming) and verifying upon your return to the physical (or waking from the dream).

Although there are many clues to differentiate, please keep in mind that perception is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you have conclusive evidence doesn’t mean that others will find your rational the least bit plausible. Belief proves nothing except to ourselves and everyone has an opinion based on what they believe to be truth.

lucid dreams

My advice: If you are convinced, that is all that matters.

Since we are concerned with “traveling,” let us assume that you are “beyond the physical” as opposed to dreaming. The task is to prove it (or disprove it) to yourself!

The following four methods should assist you in separating the travels from the lucid dreams. (Often, just the realization that you are dreaming will trigger a fully conscious travel!) Try these methods and invent your own variations. It’s fun, fun, fun to be creative.

1. Verification of place and event:

You visit a nearby location that is unfamiliar (or only vaguely familiar). You examine tiny details of the area that would normally go unnoticed. You observe events that may be occurring while you are there nonphysically. Later, you visit the location (assuming you have a general idea of where the heck the place is) and do a “physical follow-up” comparison to what you noted while nonphysical.

2. Check on your mate if you are in bed and they are not:

Go look in on them. What are they up to? (you nosy so and so) Try to pinpoint something that they’re doing that is aside from their routine that you may be unfamiliar with. It may be a small detail…like where they hid that last roll of toilet paper so you can’t find it. Then, get back to physical and verify your findings. Ask them what they were doing while you felt that you were observing them. See if you can locate that toilet paper. Confirm, confirm, confirm. Perhaps, have your mate (or friend) write a large letter (alphabet) on a piece of paper and stick it someplace where you could see it if you were nonphysical (i.e. on the back of a closed door). When you’re nonphysical, go take a peek. Then, follow up when you return to physical.

3. Time check:

While you believe you are nonphysical, look at a clock (digital is easiest) in another room of your home. Get a very exact read on the time. Then, immediately get back in the physical and check that clock! The clock should be no more than a minute off from what you expect. Although, like myself, you may have an amazing sense of time, this experiment seems to be a fairly good indication of imagination (dreaming) verses exploration (traveling).

4. Observe:

Note your movement, your appearance, the “feel” of physical objects as you touch or pass through them. Force yourself to “full awareness.” Confirm that objects in your surroundings do not change their form or appearance. This can be a very positive indicator that you are indeed awake and existing beyond the physical; that it is possible!

Are you nonphysical or lucid dreaming? Only you can say. These hints may help you to decide. Sometimes, it may be a dream and other times a travel, so don’t jump to an immediate conclusion that it is always one or the other. Experiment awhile. Keep an open mind and a bit of optimism. If it’s your opinion that only lucid dreams are occurring, enjoy them.

The hours spent in bed can be delightful, productive hours, whether you are simply dreaming or indeed, traveling beyond your body.

Please continue to e-mail me regarding your successes, attempts and questions. It’s always good to get mail.

Good luck travelers. Bye for now.

Written by: Sophie