Verification Proclamation In 3 Parts

by Sophie on


There was a time, my friends, when ancient us’s (okay, so that’s not a word, but it is P.C.) explored the very real notion of gathering information, during the hours of sleep.

(Let’s time-travel, shall we?:)
Picture a community where a wise-one among many is chosen as the “seer”. This seer would supply the townyfolk with spiritual insight. The seer would make predictions based on the events she/he has witnessed during the quiet hours of their meditation and sleep.

And how does the seer supply the townyfolk with info? (Good question.) It’s done via remote viewing and nonphysical travel. And do the townyfolk believe that this is possible? (Another fine query.) You bet your sweet potato they do! The townyfolk trust in the ability of their seer to provide guidance, for the well being of the community. And as a result of this unwavering trust, in the psi-ability of this wise-one, the townyfolk thrive!!!

Or do they? (Don’t ya love when I do that?:)


Poof. We are actors:
I shall play the part of the seer (naturally, as I am the one doing all the typing). You shall play the part of all the townyfolk (you get the big roll:).

Scene: Early dawn. We are in a small, sleeping village. You are still sleeping, so stop talking so much. At the center of our village is a large circle of stones, that surrounds a fire. A bunny is hopping by. Someone from one of the small huts shouts, “HEY, SHUTUP WITH THE IMAGERY ALREADY, WE GET THE IDEA!”.

AlaGuid (me): Awaken townyfolk! It is I, your wise-one. I have word of my night’s travels! I bring stuff and other things like that for you to kinda know about what is happening and goings on and junk (hmm, I’m not very good at this).


You (as one of many): Knock it off you old coot, the village is trying to sleep! Do you know how late we stayed up plowing the fields? Just because you have the luxury to lounge all day and night doesn’t mean that we do! Wake us in an hour you crazy town-crier!!!


An hour passes. I have used the time to practice my intro again.

AlaGuid: Awaken townyfolk! I have word of my night’s travels! At great distance, I have seen water a’plenty and green pastures. There are abundant animals of field and stream (I deserve a free magazine subscription for that one) and forest. I foresee the future of our village, in that land. We must go to… (gotta come up with a name) …Travelia!!!


All Of You: How fortuitous! Our village is saved! We are most joyful! Let us dance and celebrate and then dance some more and then celebrate again and…(gee, you’re not too good at this ancient us’s stuff either).


AlaGuid: Yes townyfolk, there will be much time for merriment. But now, go and prepare your oxen for the travel. Oh…and your families. Yes, your families. And pack an extra pair of socks.

———– You (collectively) go off to ready yourselves for the travel.

Two days have passed. The huts have been broken down (like a MASH unit) and carted up. You now wait by the roadside. I, as usual, am sleeping.



AlaGuid: What the? Who stole the doughnut!?! Why I never heard of such a silly…ah…ooh…oops. I must have dosed off. But I SWEAR it was for the good of the village. Now, where was I? Oh yes, our travel. Let us begin.


Oh-so-happy marching music (only 13405kb:) begins to play. (Yes, I do suggest that you click first and wait for the tune to start playing. It makes the wrap-up of this tale even more delightful.)

Humm Hum Hummy Humm Humm Humm (me, waiting for you to click and load that tune).


Seven days and seven nights we walk. We push and tug our belongings. We struggle along the dusty trail. We exceed the limits of exhaustion. Well, at least you do all of that. I am too busy, relaxing in my comfy chair, high-atop one of your bundles. It’s no wonder that you think that darn thing is heavy.

At last, after these seven days of toil, you stop (all of you) and look up to me on the bundle.


You: Hey, uhh…AlaGuid. We can’t help but notice that the terrain has become more harsh along this route. And it’s much colder than when we left. Is it possible that the information you have given to the village was wrong?


AlaGuid: Hmm. Now that you mention it…it does seem a tad nippy. And it is a lot more barren too. Yes, you’re right. I have made a mistake. I meant to say turn left on the road, not right. You see, I was flying at the time I first discovered Travelia and I must have mixed up my directions and… Why are you looking at me like that? Eep. Keep away from me you nasty townyfolk! Ahhhhhhhh!!! (bet ya never saw that one coming:)


That night, in the center of the misplaced village, there was another circle of stones and another fire burning. And once again, the town was in need of a seer.

You can turn off the music now. It’s time for the moral of this tale.


And the moral is: “Travels are tricky” (yeah, so I’m no Aesop).

If you think that you have come back from a remarkably clear and defined adventure beyond your physical body, think again. For although you may be absolutely correct, and your awareness of the travel is first-rate, you may still gloss over some key points of the travel (like AlaGuid’s poor grasp of compass-direction).

Additionally, you should attempt to remove those parts of your travel that seem clouded by dreams (either within the physical or while nonphysical), so that you may reveal only the true elements of the event.

A few examples (as I always have those laying around:).

*** Note the compass-direction of your travel: N-S-E-W (does it correspond with the events and locations that you have witnessed?).

*** Note the events and individuals (physical or non) that you witness.

*** Note any “sensations”: Light and color variance; temperature change; scents.

*** Note any thoughts that you recall from during the travel.

Utilizing a breakdown of ideas like these, can help you to pinpoint the true aspects of your travel.

If, for instance, you are new to traveling (you’ve done it once or twice under a veil of uncertainty:), you would wish to focus upon each and every detail of even your most innocent flight-dream.

How did you get into the flight? How high up were you? What did you see? Were you foolishly flapping your arms like a duck? (I amuse me.) Does your memory of the travel seem at all jaded by dream elements, and if so, what are they?

If you can pull apart the accurate aspects of your travel, you will retain the knowledge, and increase your chances for success.


The Next Related Topic (My Fanciest Title Yet:)

When I say that I travel beyond my physical body, to explore familiar and strange environments, you have a choice of either believing me or not believing me.

And regardless of what you believe, I can still do it, whatever the heck it is, that you don’t believe I’m doing. So there. The experience speaks for itself.

And I’m not alone in this experience. In my estimation (which means nothing), I would say that easily one out of every three people on the streets (well, that explains it:) has experienced an unintentional travel beyond the physical body. And if ya don’t like my guesstimate, you can dang well do your own poll, smarty-pants.

Oops. Where was I? Oh yeah. If so many folks are traveling out of their bodies, why don’t more of them pursue the goal of intentionally traveling?

How the heck should I know? (grin) There be a ton o’ reasons, why a body might shun the notion o’ travelin’. (Hick-Speak kickin’ in…please run for cover.)

But I do knows them other type o’ folk. Them the folk, that done return to them their beds and says, “My my, that be a fine and dandy travel.” (Okay, I’ll stop.)

They take a step beyond the rational of being stuck in their physical bodies. They allow the possibilities to exist, and therefore, the possibilities do exist. They decode the flood of their night-time information, and decide for themselves whether the evening was spent beyond the physical.

And are these travelin’- folks always right? Nope. As I have just covered in the previous section, sometimes, a travel is misinterpreted. The information, that is found while nonphysical, does not always translate properly upon a return to the physical.


From the book:
A clean memory of the nonphysical event requires that it be imprinted upon the physical brain. A simple, conscious effort by the individual to recall the nonphysical event after returning to the physical is enough to imprint the travel. If the return to physical is immediately followed by falling directly to sleep and not committing the event from nonphysical knowledge to physical knowledge, there’s a good chance of a muddled memory later or none at all of the event.


Bottom line and recap, my friends:
If you want to travel, you need an open mind. That’s it. Accept the possibilities. You may then return each night from the graces of sleep, and decide whether it was all just a dream. The verification of the event, is found through the possibility of the event.

It is up to you to separate the fact from the fiction. The fiction aspects of your night may be either dream-states within the physical, or beyond the physical. Dreams can cloud the factual aspects of your travel with symbols and sub-conscious agenda.

One last example:

If you strip away the dream-aspects of riding an elevator to the top of a building…

…You may recall yourself looking into your office, from outside on the 22nd floor.


The Last Related Topic (Gum-Shoe Guiden)

A’ways back, there was yet another pointless and cowardly murder of a taxi driver. This type of crime really gets me steamed. I watched the news. The murder had no suspects and no motives except robbery.

I began to draw a mental picture of the killer. It all popped clearly to my mind. It was an urban-dweller-junkie that needed cash for a fix!

I went to bed. I traveled (hey, that’s what I do). I was gonna track that murdering so and so right to his home. I already knew all about him because, as I say, it had all popped into my head. So now, it would be a simple matter of focusing on the “feelings” and “connection” of that person, and I’d be there.

Sounds great in cyber-text, doesn’t it?

Let’s side-track a second.
If I tell you that I have witnessed a crime, while I was nonphysical, would you allow this evidence to be admissible in court? I doubt that you would.

How about if I nonphysically track to a criminal, after the crime has been committed, so that police may gather other evidence to seal the case? Would that be considered a lead, or an invasion of privacy?

And can we be sure, that I have tracked to the correct solution of the crime? Unlike a psychic, who may rely on a physical piece of already confirmed “hard” evidence to reveal further clues, a traveling-witness would be relying solely upon nonphysical hunches.

Which brings me back to:

I found the murderer! And he was……………..

NOTHING LIKE I EXPECTED! Yes, I tracked him, but it was not the nut-job that I had envisioned. This was some other nut-job, who was not an urban dweller or junkie. In short (too late:), he was not anything like I had created in my mental-image.

I did find him despite my preconceived notions (due to the nature of traveling, it is not always necessary to know the “where” — to get there), but does this really constitute more than a whim of evidence?

Written by: Sophie