Traveling Beyond The Body

by Sophie on

Hmm. I’ll get to the article in a second. First, a joke:

A man is in a doctor’s office with a duck glued upon his head.

The doctor (remaining the professional that she is) inquires directly to the man, “What seems to be the problem?”

The ignored duck replies indignantly, “It should be obvious. I’ve got this guy stuck to my butt!”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Jeepers, I love that joke. Okay, so I’m a simpleton. Let’s get to the article.

I believe that if you desire to travel from your body and you understand a few basic instructions, you will eventually succeed.


That is why I wrote my literary masterpiece (grinning like an idiot) that you should certainly have read by now. Desire, however, is difficult to maintain when your travel results are initially slim. It’s rare to have a fully conscious controlled travel the first time you try what you’ve read. It is far more likely that you will obtain mild successes slowly over a number of attempts. It is therefore important to understand that these experiences can also be beneficial to your goal.

Don’t allow yourself to be dismayed by a few unsuccessful tries. Traveling may be elusive until you get the hang of assembling all the pieces. You are battling your previous expectations of a normal night’s sleep, old subconscious programming and countless variables that get in your way. It takes perseverance and a positive attitude. Eventually, a normal night’s sleep will take on a new meaning, your subconscious will respect your new instructions and the variables will become fewer and far between (you never completely free yourself of these nuisances). Try to stay focused on improving with each effort and you will do so. Think yourself beyond the wall.


Be inventive with your subconscious motivation.

*** Read some chapters from your favorite “traveling” book before bed so that your thoughts are targeted.

*** Invent a simple tune that includes your desire to travel (music is easily accessed, even during deep sleep).

*** Walk around your home and visit the places you plan to visit during your first (or many) successful travel(s).

*** Stand on your bed and get a different perspective on the appearance of your room when you are floating five feet up.

*** Keep a diary of your attempts and successes. This motivates your thoughts and desires. It also helps to pinpoint what to try and expect next.

I feel like a preacher with an odd gospel:




It may be difficult to remain motivated when your results are slim. Don’t chastise yourself. It’s trial and error to learn a new skill. The payoff, however, is well worth the effort. There is nothing so liberating as traveling. Traveling will provide joys you never dreamed were possible.

As always, If I may be of any assistance to your traveling, please email.

Written by: Sophie