Traveling Beyond Physical Body

by Sophie on

It occurs to me (not for the first time) that traveling beyond my physical body is a gift that I have bought for myself. For although my early traveling leaped out from behind the curtain shouting SURPRISE!, it would not have continued to unwrap without my direct involvement.
It was due to my intense interest, to understand this spontaneous gift, that I was led to a hodgepodge of discoveries that soon became the basis for my attempts to control the event. (Yow, that’s an extensive sentence.)

It wasn’t long (unlike that sentence) before I began to notice that NOT every piece that led up to a nonphysical travel needed to be perceived for the travel to trigger. In other words (as these words would like a bit of fame too), sometimes you will jump from one catalyst of traveling to another without noticing the entire process. I first discovered this while playing with the vibration that may be experienced prior to a lift-out from the physical body.

– Age 12ish –
I had been working with an idea for “waving” the vibe up and down my body (in an attempt to smooth out the spikes) when suddenly, the vibration disappeared completely. Poof and gone. Although I could still discern my physical upon the bed (and had long known of its temporary paralysis during travel attempts), the vibe I had been focused on had simply vanished. So there I am. A wide-awake me with my resting physical upon the bed, and seemingly no vibe to allow my separation.

Eep. What can I do? Whatever can I do??? (Playing it up for dramatic effect.) Should I break the focus of my efforts and simply call it a night ? Should I try to restart the vibration ? Should I target all of my thoughts into “feeling” the vibe again ? Should I confuse myself as I’m doing now?
Let Me Guess Never Mind

Well, I’ll tell you what I do, err…did. I got up for a glass of water. I decided that without vibration, there was no reason to attempt a jump out of body and instead, I opted for some liquid refreshment.

As I was heading for the door-knob of my room, I felt an abrupt tug at the back of my neck. At first, as I was groggy, I attempted to ignore this pull and continue in my path. However, after a few seconds of the annoyance, I was forced to turn around so that I might find what it was that I had caught myself in.

The next thing I saw was my physical, coming up fast as I catapulted towards it, end over end from across the room. BLAM! In a click, I was re-synced with my body. And in the very next instant, I fell out of bed, physically!

I was so shocked by the reality of NOT being in the body that I thought I was in, that when I finally got back to where I thought I was in the first place, I totally misjudged my movement. I immediately jumped up as if I was still nonphysical (once again, the opposite of my circumstances) and fell to the floor in a heap of blankets.

The short and sweet of this experience is likely evident to all of my cherished readers. I did get out of my physical and then, I was immediately yanked back in, due to a bit of localized cord-activity and my random, unfocused thoughts at the time.

Now, while I could go on and on about the importance of getting twenty feet or more from your physical and the necessity of a traveling “plan”, I have written that elsewhere already. Besides, that would only side-track the point of this article (which I have since forgotten but I’ll check my notes).

Humm humm hummm (checking my notes). Oh yes.
Do not overcomplicate your traveling attempts.

As it turns out, the reason I could no longer feel the vibration (a localized “signal” while the physical and nonphysical are synced), was that it had already increased in frequency beyond my level of perception. This made it appear that the vibe had vanished, when in fact, the vibe was at an optimum rate for sliding out of body.

This same principle of may-not-need-to-know-traveling can also apply to attempts that you make, my friends.

It is NOT necessary to “feel” a vibe (or any other signals) before you get out. You might just move smoothly, from your traveling plan to physical shut-down to separation.

Further, you may find that there’s no need to run though every methodical checkpoint, enroute to getting out of body. Remember, traveling really comes down to a few basic skills combined with the right frame of mind.

For myself (as I am the only one typing at the moment), I have found that much of the “busy-work” instructions, that I read as an early traveler, overcomplicated the obvious.
Ze Challenge

Traveling is the simple process of physical shut-down, combined with some determined alertness and desire-driven instructions to be elsewhere. That’s it. Don’t get bogged down with why this or that did or didn’t happen…as long as there are some promising results. As you may wish to prove this to yourself, I’d like to suggest a familiar idea with a simplicity twist.
Wake up every night for a week at exactly the same time, after a few hours of normal restful sleep (3:30am is good). After you wake up, stay up for at least thirty minutes and then go back to your bed. Do not get too comfortable and don’t plan on going right back to sleep. Staying alert is the hardest part of traveling and it requires discipline, so DO IT!!! (Grinning like an admiral.)

After your return to bed, just lay there with your eyes closed, and try to remain alert and in control. Pick a place that you really want to be and concentrate on being at that location.

This late-night wake-up call, will provide you the upper hand over unconsciousness because you have already garnered a bit of sack time earlier. Therefore (in theory, sleepy-head), you can allow your physical a faster shut-down while you remain focused.

You will find yourself wanting to sleep but do not give in. If you can place a REAL EFFORT into this week-long, streamlined approach, you can bypass the overcomplicated routes to traveling and get “out” more easily.

Written by: Sophie