Travel beyond mind

by Sophie on

If there is such a beast as “too much of a good thing,” then my desire to travel may be that beast. I don’t mind, of course.

My all-consuming-thought-above-thoughts-gotta-learn-it-know-it-have-it-live-it obsession is my path. I knew this as a child. I know this as an adult. It’s my niche and forte. But I was not born an expert and traveling was not always what I wanted to do. To be blunt, I wasn’t always “out-there.” It took years of conditioning (and I state this only slightly sarcastic) to get to where I’m at. It was a combination of my background and a few well timed events that sparked my obsession.

I was born a male, middle child in an all female household. I found my friends to be of the fair weather variety so I spent much of my hours alone (Waahhh. Don’t cry, I am making a point here). I was popular and unpopular enough not to care which I was. In short, I had lots of time all by my lonesome (which I never really was) to think.

I suppose that I could have devoted this time to my studies but that would have been too sensible. No, I was always thinking about other stuff. The hows, whys and possibilities that probably no one other than I gave a rip about. Okay, so I wasn’t completely normal. But I wasn’t too much off the mark. I was just average with a twist. So why do I tell you all this? Who knows? We’ll both be surprised when I get to where I’m going. Oh yeah, now I remember. Jumping further back in time (neat trick), at some point during my eighth year, I began to wake up outside my body. Although I did not realize it at the time, it was likely my slightly off the norm mentality that led to these initial events. And these events could just have easily ceased as begun except for one thing. My lack of bondable family and friends left me with plenty of time on my hands.


I spent hours experiencing and pondering and keeping it all to myself. (Dramatic music begins to swell.) The obsession to understand and control the event occupied my thoughts to the exception of all else until one faithful day, yes one amazing day, I….oh get real…that day will never come. I’m still learning new stuff. I’m still hooked. Call it obsessed (laughing insanely), I don’t care!

Hmmm….I had a point here before I became derailed (choo choo. or is that demented?). Oh, yeah…now I remember.

My background is not all that unusual. It’s just slightly off, thanks to a few chance events brought on by a desire to know more than the norm. I don’t believe that the talent to travel is restricted to a few individuals. Almost every culture has a belief in traveling and accounts of famous and not so famous travelers. Anyone can learn to be an expert at traveling. Even if a travel doesn’t occur accidentally through a plethora of circumstances, you can still learn how to do it. All it takes is a strong desire and an instruction book.

Gee, I wonder where one might find such an instruction book?

It’s easy to say that you want to travel and quite another to invest the time and energy to do to so. While I do not encourage my readers to take the path I have chosen, traveling still does take some effort. It’s much easier to sleep than to travel. It’s simpler to drift to unconsciousness than stay focused. But all in all, and despite what so many have written, traveling is not that hard to accomplish. Learn the tricks, stay positively focused and give it some time. So you get one less hour of sleep a night, big deal (spoken like a true obsessive)!!! I have yet to hear from anyone who has invested the time and energy without obtaining results.

Why would you want to travel? You know better than I. Speaking for myself (obviously), it has changed the way I perceive life and the universe. In addition, it’s a kick and a half. So have at it travelers. And write to me regarding your questions, attempts and successes.

Written by: Sophie