The Healing Power of the Feminine

by Sophie on

Soon after the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, I led a depth program in dream healing at the Esalen Institute. In one of our circle visions, we saw the Statue of Liberty sliced open, from the throat to the crotch. We saw the pain and mutilation inflicted on the lower energy centers of the collective psyche. We also saw that beneath the wound, the heart was strong, and the heart center had been fully opened.

Surely there is guidance here – on our need to think and act from the heart, and on the healing and redeeming power of the Feminine in the restoration of our world.

In one of my advanced groups, we made a terrifying and enlightening journey into the Mind of Terror and saw clearly that it is the violent separation of men from the nurturing realm of woman and the embrace of the Great Mother that has loosed the terrible rage that threatens us all. Although I am merely a man, I know in my bones it is the women – our true priestesses and the Mothers and Grandmothers of the nations – who will heal our world.

Coming April 2002: new Esalen workshop “Dream Healing through the Energy Centers.”

Written by: Sophie