Positive Immunity Program by Monroe

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The goal of the Positive Immunity Program is to train individuals to boost and maintain their own natural immune system by using the Monroe Institute’s unique Hemi-Sync® technology. This program is modeled after pilot group studies conducted in consultation with The Monroe Institute.

The Monroe Institute was established by Robert Monroe as a facility for “developing, exploring and applying expanded states of consciousness.” In order to access these expansive states, Monroe developed a modern sound technology that brings the brain into what is called a “whole brain state,” one where both hemispheres are synchronized, an internationally known process called “Hemi-Sync®.”

The “whole brain” state is a natural state we all experience for short durations of time. This “whole brain” state has been demonstrated to be one wherein we are more receptive to new information, have heightened alertness and can learn to function mentally and physically at higher levels of performance. To make use of this state in a consistent way, researchers around the world have long tried to find ways to maintain this state for longer periods of time.

In the 1950’s Robert Monroe became interested in the possible connection between nonverbal audio patterns and brain-wave rhythms. Drawing upon his discoveries and the work of others, Monroe used pulsed audio stimuli to create a neural Frequency-Following Response (FFR) in the brain, evoking psychological and mental states in direct relationship to the original audio wave forms.

In May 1975 Monroe received a general patent for his technique. It became possible, with sophisticated custom-built signal generators, to produce recorded tapes on stereo channels that would lead a subject into any of the various stages of sleep and discrete states of consciousness not ordinarily available to the conscious mind.

Studies conducted at the Menninger Foundation have shown that a subject with twenty years of training in Zen Meditation could consistently establish hemispheric synchronization at will, sustaining it for over 15 minutes. The Hemi-Sync audio techniques developed by Robert Monroe can simulate and sustain this hemispheric synchronization for longer periods of time and through use of the system, entrain users to reproduce it at will. Thus there is available a tool for working at one’s highest potential with access to the fullness of one’s capacities.

The pilot studies confirmed that HIV-infected individuals, with the use of the Hemi-Sync tapes, learned to boost innate immunity, augmented energy levels and produced positive emotional and physical states. Participants learned to fall asleep by intent and to use the sleep state for restorative purposes, reduced stress, and increased relaxation.

In the Positive Immunity Program, a tape selection has been brought together from several Monroe Institute programs. You will be introduced to the Hemi-Sync experience and then proceed to tapes designed to make use of the Hemi-Sync process with specific exercises that establish a stronger “body-mind” connection in practical, pragmatic and specific ways. Using the tapes also teaches you how to access the Hemi-Sync states by simple techniques without the aid of the tapes.

The tapes create synchronized and relaxed states, and guided imagery and suggestion facilitate a sense of well-being while training you to recognize, understand and learn to use these expansive states. Subliminal messages are not used.

After many years of working with the Hemi-Sync audio technology, The Monroe Institute has found many applications for this sustained “whole brain” state, including The Positive Immunity Program. Robert Monroe theorizes that the Hemi-Sync signals may even reach down to a cellular level – allowing an individual to work consciously with and direct one’s entire being.

The First Step

First and foremost is the willingness and readiness to be well and to live each day fully. The Positive Immunity Program does not propose to be a substitute for any traditional treatment, but rather to be an additional support. The tapes are designed to be used on a regular basis and will not help you unless you choose to use them consistently in a balanced physical health program.

Each exercise in this program requires active concentration, volition and sometimes courage, as you move by carefully controlled steps from deep relaxation to those thresholds of consciousness apparently related to deep meditation. Many of the techniques and processes introduced here will be new to you. Explore them with whatever degree of openness is comfortable for you. Simply by exposing yourself to these new processes and ideas, you will become sensitive to alternative ways of viewing life and ultimately your beliefs may begin to change, in ways that allow you to know that you are only as limited as your own limiting beliefs.

Each individual approaches this internal work with different abilities, concepts, and dynamic processes. Each enters this area from a different place and goes to a different place. It is the goal of this program to provide techniques for exploring your full potential. There are no right or wrong ways to experience these exercises. Whatever your methods of perception, getting deeply into yourself will enable you to appreciate more of that which is around you. Value and build on your uniqueness; in it is wholeness and unity.

You will have the most success with the program by working with it consistently. This does not mean you need to do it constantly, but with a consistent regularity. Develop a schedule for yourself that easily and comfortably fits your life. If you decide to do the tapes every day and you find that you don’t “get to it” because life is too pressured, set up a schedule of working with the tapes every other day. Giving yourself leeway helps you keep your commitment to yourself.

The Positive Immunity Program has roots in the concept stated so clearly in the Affirmation used in the tapes, i.e., that we are more than our physical bodies and can perceive that which is greater than the physical. The term “energy” is often used to describe many states within, beyond, in addition to, and enhancing the physical world. Consider that there is indeed such energy and that it is available to you to recognize, understand, participate with, direct and make use of – all in an easy and natural way.

Written by: Sophie