Out Of Body Boot-Camp

by Sophie on

You are standing at attention as you wait to meet your commander.
Your private’s uniform is briskly pressed and shines in the dark.
The conveyer-belt below your feet vibrates slightly.

It is not long before the commander arrives.
(A towering 5′ 7″ loud-mouth in a dashing blue and orange uniform.)

He speaks:
Pay attention YOU!
Yes, YOU. I am talking to YOU, Private (insert your name)!
Stand up straight traveler!
They’ll be no namby-pamby-wanna-bes in this platoon!

YOU will NOT fear going forth into the fray of the nonphysical!
YOU will NOT fall asleep at the line!
YOU will NOT miss a chance to get out of your body!

YOU Private (insert your name again),

The Commander exits as quickly as he arrived.
(Clanging and banging from many medals of valor.)

The conveyer-belt begins to move forward. You pass a smiling person going in the opposite direction who looks remarkably just like yourself. It’s strange though, that they look rather transparent. You watch as they move away, taking another belt that glides up into the sky. You suddenly take a sharp turn and enter a room. Your belt comes to a stop.

There is signpost in one corner of the room that flashes: signpost.gif
” NO EXCUSES”. The sign captures your attention. Meanwhile, you miss seeing a small mouse (wearing a blue and orange cap) walk over one of your shoes. The little furry looks up at you and shouts, “Hey you, look down here! Pay attention you!” he declares in a squeaky voice. “In our battle over unconsciousness, we can not lose!!!” Then, the mouse scampers off. You note that he has swiped your shoelace and go back to looking at the room.

It’s odd that the room looks a lot like your bedroom. As a matter of fact, that even looks like your bed over there. And hang on…that’s you in your bed, dagnabit! You fell asleep again! It’s no wonder that you’ve got mice yapping at you. Wake up for goodness sake.

How did you fall asleep this time? What was it? Lost your focus? Got bored? Started day-dreaming and it got out of hand? Well, whatever it was that sent you over the line to sleepyville, knock it off. Pay attention you.

You are so close to getting out of your body but you just let yourself drift over the line. Zzzzzzz. Wake up! There are many hours for your traveling adventures if you simply have the strength to stay in control.

Noticing your fall towards sleep is as easy as spotting a mouse on your shoe. commander mouse.gif
So, question your state of consciousness and stay focused to your alertness. Spot the oddities of your thoughts and halt your mental drift towards unconsciousness. Allow your physical body to conk out while you retain control.

And THEN, Private Whatever-Your-Name-Is of the AG Traveling Platoon…
You will see the ease of traveling in the nonphysical.

Written by: Sophie