Melatonin Lucid Dreaming

by Sophie on

Traveling Beyond Your Body

A brief background of melatonin…

The hormone is produced naturally and in plentiful measure during early childhood but diminishes as we age.

The hormone is being studied for its possible immune system bolster and a host of other “quality of life” benefits.

The hormone brings a restful night’s sleep without any side effects whatsoever.

The hormone is sold as a supplement in better health stores.


There. Now you’re up to speed. There is an abundance of good info on melatonin. Most recently are articles in Newsweek and Time magazines. They are worth reading but you won’t find the following in them…

Melatonin provides an edge toward your success at traveling from your physical body. With melatonin lucid dreaming will be easier and faster

Those of you who have read my most recent book (and those of you that haven’t), may be aware of the tight relationship between the preparation of the physical body and the success at consciously traveling in the nonphysical. In a very small and oversimplified nutshell (read ze book, friends), you must first direct physical relaxation, then focus visualization and always maintain control, control, control. If you follow my handbook, this process is easily learned but still occasionally a hassle to achieve. It’s a fine line to stand on, where your physical body sleeps while your consciousness remains awake.


Well, melatonin eliminates at least some of the hassle. Melatonin lucid dreaming method is popular because it’s easy. The hormone that is naturally secreted by your pineal gland (stimulated by our internal clock, light and color variance received through the eyes, and varied other factors) is now available in various pill forms in dosages ranging from 3 to 10mg. It’s cheap, easily obtained, all natural and side effect free even at high dosages. Melatonin is nothing at all like “over the counter” sleeping aids or prescription “tranqs.” You will not lose coordination or an ability to think clearly. You won’t “need” to rest or sleep unless you decide to do so. Melatonin simply tells your body to prepare for rest. It really works and gives you a tremendous advantage toward traveling from your physical body. The primary reason for this is a time factor. In the time it takes your physical body to drift toward sleep, your consciousness is likely to go right along too. As my book states, it takes a very determined attitude to remain conscious while the physical sleeps. And sometimes, despite your best efforts, it’s off to slumberland. Well, melatonin changes the rules a bit and I’d like to tell you how I utilize it on those nights that I feel my best efforts won’t be good enough.

The Melatonin Method

As with all supplements…read the label on the bottle!!! Do not take melatonin if your doctor advises againest it or if you have health problems or you are worried of drug interaction difficulties etc. Be smart and be safe. Although melatonin is available over the counter and has been deemed safe, you must make the decision…so be informed.

My fave time to take melatonin is at around 2:30am after a few hours of regular sleep. I wake up, splash some cold water on my face and generally remain moving around for about ten minutes or so just to get my consciousness more alert. Following this routine, it’s melatonin time. I recommend Twinlab’s Melatonin Caps (3 mg.) although there are many fine brands. Just let the capsule dissolve in your mouth (tasteless) and then drink a little water to send it on its way. The results will be a ready to relax body in about fifteen minutes. I then follow up with my usual methods (per my book, but bypassing the relaxation techs and jumping right to directed visualization etc.) for traveling.

Now, for those of you that have yet to read my book, here’s a simplified method toward “out of body” traveling. After you’ve taken the melatonin, get in bed and focus on remaining alert as your physical body relaxes. Visualize a local destination with a desire to “be there.” Place as much desire (emotional, attachment, memory) on the destination as possible and allow yourself to go. See yourself there. Perhaps visualize the route you take to reach your destination. It’s that simple. You may have a full blown completely conscious travel right off the bat or you may drift to sleep and “dream-travel” to your destination. You may also awaken while nonphysical andenroute to your destination. The key is desire. You must want to remain in control, alert and focused in order to consciously travel beyond your physical body. Melatonin isn’t a guarantee of traveling (For that, you need to read my book. Hmm. Have I said that? Grin.) but you should find as have I, that melatonin gives you a little extra help when you need it.

Written by: Sophie