Lucid Dreaming How To

by Sophie on

Lights in studio begin to fade. Spots up. I come out running and shout:

This article is not an article! It’s a game-show! And I’m your host, Alan Guiden. Welcome and let’s get prepped to play (dramatic pause)…



Announcers hushed voice:

Yes, Travel Tricks! That fun and exciting ten-question game-show where you, the player, learn to leave your physical body!

The host (still me) is now at the game-podium and speaks:

Okay, contestants, you know the rules.

1. Correctly answer as many of the questions as you can.

2. There is no time limit.

3. Links are provided for you to find the answer.

4. And you can cheat.

Travel Tricks couldn’t be easier fun or have a bigger payoff!

Yes, contestants, if you have the desire to TRAVEL AND WIN…

You will fly yourself out from your physical, to savor all the joyful comforts that a nonphysical excursion provides (audience oohs and ahhs)!



____________________ (insert your name. grin. how else could i do it?:)

You step up to the game board and begin.



(please feel free to submit a new, super-deluxe-extra-non-boring-game-show name.)

By the way. This article has a background story.


1. What is the number one thing you need to travel?

a) Desire.

b) A relaxing physical position.

c) A patient and positive approach.

d) A big bank account.

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2. The awake/asleep line is:

a) A contradiction.

b) A point between falling to sleep and remaining awake.

c) A state of being relaxed but alert.

d) A signal prior to lift-out.

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3. From the awake/asleep line, how many choices do you have?

For a BONUS gamepoint, name the choices.

a) 1

b) 3

c) 4

d) 7

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4. A quick-travel is:

a) A travel that lasts less than ten seconds.

b) A travel that occurs quickly following physical “shut-down”.

c) A travel that uses emotional-attachment to get you out.

d) A travel (physical) up the street, for a few groceries.

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5. Mr. Huggy Stuff is:

a) Something you don’t want to run into, but not to worry if you do.

b) A spin off of the Stay-Puf Marshmallow Man.

c) A term which describes, an individual “stuck” within their physical body.

d) An annoying uncle.

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6. How many “signals prior to lift-out”, do I mention in the book?

For a BONUS gamepoint, name two of the signals.

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 6

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7. Awareness is:

a) The ability to think of yourself while traveling.

b) Your conscious-control level while traveling.

c) A one-ness with all that exists.

d) An advertisement that works.

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8. The primary law, for controlling your nonphysical activity is:

a) Fly, face forward, and focus.

b) Action equals direction.

c) Thought equals action.

d) Mass equals twice the volume of a traveling nonphysical body.

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9. While traveling, nonverbal communication requires:

a) A doughnut.

b) Shouting very loudly.

c) Intuition and intent.

d) Gestures similar to sign language.

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10. For a clean memory of your travel, you should “return to the physical” and:

a) Splash your face with cold water.

b) Repeat the word, “remember”, three times.

c) Use Clorax, the all purpose cleanser.

d) Make a conscious effort to recall the travel.

Congratulations on finishing the Travel Tricks game!

I saw you cheating by the way. :^)

Written by: Sophie