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by Sophie on

The Travel, Almost

I’ve been reminded recently of the frustration associated with the travel that “almost-but-not-quite-nearly-but-not-all-kinda-sorta-does-and-doesn’t happen.” (Read that “-” part backwards and it makes just as much sense.) This would be a travel prepped, planned and seemingly correct in every way that just doesn’t pan out to a successful separation from the physical.

It could be any number of events (variables; from my book) that halts your already difficult departure. You may reach vibration but become distracted by fear or excitement. You may find your nonphysical “stuck” and flopping partially in and out of your physical (usually caused by a lack of controlled intent or the failure to “smooth” out the vibration). You may briefly escape the physical but have a random thought that drags you back. Perhaps, it’s a disrupting noise. It could literally be anything that annoys, confounds and generally mucks up the works. If this sounds familiar to you, my friend, welcome to the club.

I’ve received a sizable amount of mail on this particular topic. Why, why, why does this happen (you ask)? What a fine and complex question (pat your collective selves on the backs). It’s a multifaceted dilemma but relatively simple to correct. Let’s get a piece of paper, shall we? (Yes, you can use that magazine insert-ad that keeps falling out as you try to read an article.) And you’ll need a pencil too. Okay, ready?

Write down the following:

Relaxation Method(‘s): _____

Intent: _____

Success: _____

Interruption: _____

Solution: _____

Very good (No, don’t write that. Stop writing. Stop already! Thank you.).

Okay, now lets fill in this handy dandy list that I just made up this very second. I’ll use me as an example because I just happen to have an example from the night before last. How coincidinkle. You fill in the list based upon your experience.

Relaxation Method(‘s):

Mine on this particular night:

Tense and relax method

(focus on your right leg. make it tense and tight. hold the tension a few moments and release. now, your left leg. tight, tense, hold and release. next, your right arm and then your left arm. now, your mid section. tighten those stomach muscles if ya got ‘em. hold and release. tighten your face. your jaw and eyelids shut tight. hold and release. now lastly, your whole body. start slowly and get gradually tense. increase the tightness. hold, hold and then release completely. you are relaxed and at ease. you are quiet and free from physical tension. ahhh.).


Mine on this particular night:

I plan to slowly allow my thoughts to calm and my physical body to sleep. I will carefully move towards the awake/asleep line and stay in control and focused upon my desire to travel. I will roll out to the left from my physical. I will go out the balcony window and down the path. I will look for my duck in the brook (Yes, a duck. I spent two weeks raising her after she became separated from her brood or whatever you call a bunch of ducks. She is doing fine, thank you. Big and mouthy. Quack, quack, quack.). I will return and write down the results of my travel.


Vibration kicked in while on my right side. I smoothed the vibe out by whirlpool method (in the book). Ready to roll out and…


Mine on this particular night:

Heartburn (bet you didn’t see that one coming). That’s what I get for eating a spicy tuna roll so close to bedtime. Silly sushi. See, I told you. Any stupid thing can disrupt your planning.


Don’t eat so late next time. Take a calcium supplement. Don’t blame the sushi.

Alright, let’s cover how your list might look:

Relaxation Method(‘s):

Read these sections to get some ideas and a library card:

An Overview Of Relaxation And The Awake/Asleep Line

Controlled Relaxation Methods (Step Two)

Better Make It Decaf


This is your plan of attack to travel from your body. It should include very specific instructions (keep them simple but defined) to remain in control as your physical body moves towards sleep. You are training your conscious and subconscious to respond as you desire. It should also include the method you plan to utilize for lift-out, where you plan to go and what you plan to do. Go over these instructions a few times (saying them out loud helps too). Plant them uppermost in your relaxed thoughts and stay focused.


What did you accomplish out of your travel session that was positive? Did you maintain control close to sleep? Did you reach vibration? Did you leave your physical temporarily? Did you learn from your attempt?


What was the cause of your travel interruption. Be specific and pay attention. Was it your body position or comfort (maybe you were too hot or cold under the covers)? Was it an external noise or event? Was it a misdirected thought? Target the problem.


Self explanatory. Whatever was the interruption, fix it! Watch for the problem and stop it from happening twice.

One last word and then I’ll let you go feed the dog.

(cat meows resentfully)

Be flexible. Just because you fix one problem does not mean that you nixed them all. Trust me, they crop up all the time.

It may be a combination of difficulties. Write the interruption(‘s) down! Keep track of them so that you are prepared next time. You are your own best adviser. Pay attention to you and stay positive and you will easily overcome the difficulties as they pop up.

As always, I’ll be glad to assist you personally. E-mail me anytime. I love to hear of your attempts and successes!

Bye for now travelers.

Written by: Sophie