Leaving the body is an inherently personal endeavor

by Sophie on

From time to time, I am asked whether a person who is already out-of-body can help someone else to get “out.” This question is often followed by a second one: “Will I help the person to leave his or her body?” My answers are: possibly and no.

Leaving the body is an inherently personal endeavor. Sometimes it happens as if by accident. More often, it requires dedicated practice (at least for reliable results). Having someone help you shortcut the process (by somehow pulling you out of your body) might sound like a good idea but it definitely is not.

You must ask yourself, do you really trust the person? Would you put your life and spirit in his or her hands? What does he or she want in return? And more importantly, why ask someone else to do something that is your own responsibility; a natural part of your own spiritual evolution?

The Dark Side

I’m afraid that out-of-body phenomena, and the pursuit thereof, easily lend themselves to cults and extremist groups. In a very shallow sense, what can be more escapist and counter-cultural than leaving your body? The promise that a particular person can help you transcend your physical and social limitations may sound enticing… but resist it! The cult propaganda about out-of-body experiences goes something like this:

Leaving the body is special (extraordinary, a gift from God, etc.).
You cannot do it because you are evil, ignorant, etc.
I can do it because I am special.
If you do what I say (obedience) and give me what I ask (money & all your possessions), you too can do it (despite your evilness, ignorance, etc.) and therefore become special, like me (only less, of course).
Remember, if people call you crazy for listening to me, that means you’re becoming special and besides, they’re evil, ignorant, etc.
Of course, this reasoning is entirely false since leaving the body is perfectly normal as are most of the people who do it. If you cannot do it, you probably can learn. And if you fail, so what? Just live a good life. Everyone eventually leaves their bodies… I promise.
If you desire to leave your body, you must do so entirely on your own. Read books, listen to tapes, go to reputable seminars in safe surroundings, do whatever it takes to become knowledgeable on the subject. But remain skeptical and cautious. The person you’re listening to could be a nut, an outright fake, or worse! Never do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t act hastily. Think about what you’re doing. Sleep on it. Ask a trusted friend for his or her input.

Buying a $20 book at a bookstore is one thing (you might even be able to check out books for free at the library, or buy them inexpensively at a used book store — and this entire Astral Library is free on-line). Selling all your possessions and changing your identity is another! You should never have to give money, possessions or sex in exchange for “astral services” or instruction. And it is never necessary to suffer or die in order to leave your body! Anyone telling you otherwise is a sick, twisted sadist.

Practice is best done in private. I would never attempt to leave my body in a group situation. For one thing, you can’t move your physical body once you’re “out.” You should always make sure that your physical body is thoroughly protected (both materially and energetically) during astral training and projections. Additionally, group energies can be disturbing on many levels.

The Journey Inwards

Please read to this carefully. Leaving the body requires turning your attention completely <>inward. It is intensely intimate and personal. You get “out” from the “inside.” And once you are there, you will find that there is a finer and finer and still finer “You” beyond your day-to-day, two-dimensional self-concept. The True You cannot be described in words. It is… like I said, indescribable.

If you must ask someone for help in leaving your body (by this I mean the actual separation), ask God or your own Higher Self (perhaps that’s redundant). Don’t ask the living or the dead. And if you do ask God or your Higher Self for help, seek Them inside Yourself.

How do people who leave their bodies act? They are usually quite normal. They certainly don’t run around asking for money or seeking devotees. If anything, they become more cautious around ordinary “humes” (OOBE-challenged humans). Hey, there was a time when you could get crucified or burned for even the hint of this kind of thing.

Skilled projectors are by definition more sensitive to energies, feelings, thoughts, etc. They “feel” people, even when separated by distance. They are willing to help others but don’t unnecessarily seek attention (and the energy drain/stain that go with it). And helping others usually means encouraging them to rely on themselves rather than others.

On a practical matter, most people who ask me for help say that they’ve tried hard to leave their bodies for a week or two with no results. A week or two? Sometimes it takes months or even years of serious, dedicated, daily training for results. And then sometimes the experience happens when you’ve given up and are not trying at all! The point is this: PERSEVERE. If you really want it, be willing to work for it.

Devices & Self-Deprivation.

Finally, I have stated elsewhere that I am against the use of drugs, herbs, software, electrical devices, etc. to facilitate out-of-body experiences. You have everything you need right there inside yourself. It is a perfectly natural process. Why clutter it up with rubbish? Similarly, I am against the use of exhaustion, extensive fasting, holding the breath, etc. You do not need to deprive yourself in order to leave the body. In fact, it may be harmful. Don’t be a masochist. You simply need to realize your True Self and shift your focus accordingly.


Close your eyes. Relax. Feel the weight of your body against the bed, the covers against your skin. Listen to your breathing, to your heartbeat. Feel your energy coursing up and down, through and beyond your body. Listen to the sounds of the energy. Feel the vibrations. See the beautiful light of your own spirit. It is moving, up, out beyond the hollow shell you call your body… AND YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE OR ANYTHING TO EXPERIENCE IT!

Written by: Sophie