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OOBE Inducer Software 1.0

Welcome to OOBE Inducer Software (OIS 1.0) page, first software designed to induce OOBE. This browser-based software has been developed by Astral Forum and is now available for free. OOBE inducer is very easy to use. All you have to do is click the START button and go to sleep. After 4.5 hours of sleep, you will be woken up by a recorded voice message.

The voice will remind you not to move and keep your eyes closed. As you fall back asleep, another voice message will wake you up and remind you to stay still. After a series of such alarms, your mind will become quite awake and you will reach the state of sleep paralysis. Once paralyzed, you can finally attempt to separate from your body using one of the OOBE Separation Techniques.
OOBE inducer software

How does it work?

Many beginners who try to have their first OOBE often don’t realize that it’s crucial to achieve a full sleep paralysis in order to have an OOBE. Achieving a conscious sleep paralysis is incredibly difficult, as it requires a tremendous control over one’s body and mind. OOBE Inducer Software (OIS) does all the work for you when it comes to entering the state of sleep paralysis. It’s a common fact that sleep paralysis is most likely to occur after 4-5 hours of sleep.


OIS will wake you up in 4,5 hours and immediately remind you not to move your body and not to open your eyes. As soon as you hear the voice message saying: “Do not move, do not open your eyes” you will know what to do. With the series of consecutive alarms your mind will gradually wake up, and your body will remain asleep (in a sleep paralysis). That’s a perfect state to try to have an out of the body experience!
OOBE inducer software


In order to use OIS, your computer has to be in your bedroom. Your computer will have to stay on while you sleep, for at least 5 hours. You need some speakers (or headphones) and a browser with Flash Player installed. Are you ready?

Make sure your browser has Flash Player installed. If not, download it.
Click the volume test button to hear a voice sample. Adjust the volume appropriately, so that the voice is loud enough to wake you up from sleep.
Press the START button (you will hear a voice confirmation).
Make sure your computer will not go to a sleep mode and the battery will not run out (if you are using a laptop). Do not close your browser and do not switch the tab. The tab with this page should be active.


Go to bed and fall asleep as usual. You will be woken up by a voice alarm in 4.5h – remember not to move your body and not to open your eyes from now on.
Allow yourself to fall back asleep after each alarm (there will be 4 of them). Once you hear the 4th alarm, the voice will tell you that you are now ready to astral project. You should be in a sleep paralysis by then.

Now you are ready to separate from your body using one of the OOBE Separation Techniques.
When you wake up, please share your success story in our Astral Projection Journal.
OOBE inducer software

What next?

Please note, this is just a 1.0 version of the software. Version 2.0 will introduce a preset editor that will allow you to create your own alarm sequences, as well as choose from existing presents. We are also planning to release an iPhone app with the same functionality. Your ideas and feedback will be very appreciated. Please share your thoughts about OOBE Inducer Software in this thread: OOBE Inducer Software: Suggestions & Feedback. Also, please consider sharing this software with your friends using the social media icons on the top of the page! Thank you!

Written by: Sophie