Frame Of Mind

by Sophie on

Frame Of Mind

From the book (with an update):

— My approximate number of travels is now over 1500. Yet occasionally, I still hit lulls where despite my best effort, I just can’t get “out of body”. During these lulls, I am upset with myself for forcing the issue. I should be satisfied but I always want more. —

Ooh ahh. Pretty dramatic stuff, huh? Well, don’t let it fool you. Beneath those obsessed words, ticks the mind of an average man. I’m just a run o’ the mill guy with a very odd talent. You might pass me on the street without so much as a how-do-ya-do (I was the handsome one, with a piece of tissue paper stuck to my shoe). And I, likewise, might pass you by without a nod. We are just everyday folks going about our business. Like myself, your talents (odd or otherwise:) are a part of your life. You might be a fantastic cook, or run a company, or watch the soaps better than anyone you know.

It is your interests, that spark the effort to create your talents. And it is my interest (obsession:) that triggered my travelin’ talent.

So, to re-cap…
According to me (which means next to nothing:), most of us are average individuals with various interests, and the resulting talents. And we ignore each other when we pass on the street. You are me and I am you.

— Hmm. I feel like Barney (aka; the purple dinosaur) with that last line.
Let’s sing, shall we? (Click Here For Some Real Fun:)

You are me, I am you…
We are so alike, we two.
With our average lives and varied talents too…
You are me and I am you! —

If I had the interest that you possess in (please fill in the blank:), I might make your talent one of my talents. And you might make my talent, of traveling beyond the physical body, a talent of yours. It is possible.


Attitude Adjustment

If you think that you’ve read me before, saying this and that about the simplicity of traveling, you’re correct. And If you further believe that you’ve read my words stating that a proper “traveling attitude” is 99.9 percent of the trick to traveling, you should have quit while you were ahead. I’ve never worded it that way before, smarty-pants. But, I may as well have. Please allow me to elaborate (as I am the only one typing at the moment).

To satisfy your interest and practice your new traveling talent:
You would read a bit here and read a bit there.
You would think about traveling.
You would prepare a plan for your travel.
Then, you would lay down in bed and you would DO IT!!!
My friends, traveling is mostly attitude.

April 21, 1997
3:37am Entry:

Tonight would have been my 8th night without a travel but at last, success. Cripes. Not traveling can be so frustrating. I hope I learned something from all this. Hmm. I think I learned that I can be such a moron. I have done this traveling deed countless times and yet, sometimes, I still forget the basics that started the whole ball rolling. I should write this as an article sometime. Maybe I’ll do that now, as I’m up anyway.

The trouble usually begins with a few nights absent of intentional traveling. These nights then build into a few more nights of wondering what my problem is. Perhaps it’s the nagging of the day-to-day or outside influences or anything, really. Traveling (or a lack there of:) always depends on the circumstances. Everyone has on-days and off-days.

When my traveling is slim for a few, I do get annoyed with myself. I mean, for goodness sakes, I’m an expert at this gig. I want to show my readers my very best travelin’ face. But here I was tonight. I was completely frustrated with my inability to get-me-outta-me! What’s the problem with me? I’ve already traveled a zillion times or so. AAAHHHHhhhh!!!

Once again, I can be such a moron. What the heck was I thinking to put so much pressure on myself? Traveling is a skill that requires a gentle whim of attitude.


A Few Things That I Have Learned:
(Other Than That I Am Sometimes A Moron)

On those nights when traveling truly ain’t happening:

Accept this and try another time.

On those nights that are favorable for traveling:

You can float out of your body because you can float out of your body because you can float out of your body because you can float out of your body because you…

On those nights that you’ve been laying there motionless like a rock, trying to relax for an hour and you just feel like you’re trapped in your ol’ bod:

Well, no wonder. Get the heck up, and walk it off a bit.

Then, get back into bed. Allow yourself to go through your natural pattern of wind-down. You don’t have to lay completely still to relax. Find a position (or two or three:) that lets you be your most comfortable.

Gently remain targeted on traveling as you move towards a deep relaxation.
Floating out from your body…
Floating out and away…
Hypnotic, ain’t it…?

Written by: Sophie