DreamUp dream journal

by Sophie on

DreamUp is a PC based dream journal and dream analysis software from DreamSoft, Inc. The beauty of this new computer dream journal is its journal entry layout and the use of its dream symbol dictionary. Also, since the software supports multiple password protected journals, the whole family can track their dreams. Users may branch from the main menu to the dream journal, symbol dictionary, or symbol count screens. Also included are options for printing blank journal pages in addition to printing each journal entry.
Dreams are entered into the journal by title, date, and time. Each journal entry is composed of four tabs: Dream, Analysis, Interpretation, and Conclusions. The Dream tab is where the user enters the description of the dream. This was thoughtfully designed to include separate text sections for description, feelings and emotions, and recent concerns; the necessities needed for a complete dream analysis.

The Analysis tab includes sections for the dream setting and statements and questions. Clicking on the Find Symbols pushbutton searches the dream description text for matches with the symbol dictionary and displays the results in the symbols list box. Double clicking on a symbol brings up possible interpretations. The dreamer is allowed to choose one or more interpretations. These interpretations are then automatically displayed in the interpretation tab. This is a very useful feature for those interested in tracking their dream symbols. In addition to displaying the automatic interpretations, the dreamer may also type in his own interpretation within the Interpretation tab. Conclusions may be entered within the Conclusion tab.

I was disappointed with the way dreams are retrieved from the journal. Users must navigate through their dreams with a tool bar resembling the buttons on my CD player. You have to cycle through your dreams one at a time or go straight to the first or last dream. There is a simple search mechanism that does nothing more than display only the dream titles in a list box. Not very helpful once you start accumulating dreams in your journal. I don’t want to cycle through a bunch of dreams to find what I dreamed about last July while on the beaches of Mexico. However, tDreamSoft, Inc. assured me I’d be able to search by date in a future release of DreamUp.

The software also seemed to hiccup at times. For instance, the Wizard button didn’t work when I ran DreamUp on my Compaq 5250 laptop but did work on my home grown Pentium 133 PC. The Dream display field is not automatically refreshed when a new dream was called up from the Search for Dream button was invoked. I also found it amusing when the presupplied symbol “breasts” was found in one of my dreams even though the word “breasts” did not exist in the text of my dream. I eventually figured the letter ‘s’ causes “breasts” to appear as a symbol.

Besides the problem with the letter s, the dream symbol dictionary within DreamUp is a powerful feature. It comes preloaded with over 300 Jungian dream symbols with multiple meanings and groups. The dreamer is allowed to edit these or add his own symbols and meanings. Meanings may be labeled as either personal or universal. The combination of the symbol dictionary and its use in the dream journal is a extremely valuable and very cool tool for those dreamers interested in tracking their dream symbols.

DreamUp also counts the number of dream symbols appearing in your dreams over a specified time period. A nice feature but I found myself wanting more than just a listing of dream symbols and numbers. In addition to listing the amount of times I’ve dreamt the symbol “breasts,” I’d like the ability to go straight to those dreams and see why. Am I really dreaming of breasts or just the letter s?

Overall I really enjoyed DreamUp. I found the dream analysis features extremely useful, making DreamUp much more than a simple dream journal software tool. The software did seem a little rough around the edges at times and I hope the authors continue in their development efforts. I suspect future releases of DreamUp to be more powerful and user friendly. I encourage you to visit their web site at http://www.dreamup.com/ and download the shareware version of DreamUp.

Written by: Sophie