Astral Projection Tips

by Sophie on

Astral projection tip: The part of you that separates is very old, and in many ways very basic. It is very adept at finding things you need, or want. That faculty can be easily used to induce OOBE by intentionally lacking something, to a reasonable degree that is not stressful. For example, a mild thirst combined with relaxation will often lead to a “lucid dream/hallucination” of being outside your body and somewhere where you can get a drink of water … welcome to wonderful world of astral projection, because it should be no more difficult or stressful than lying or sitting comfortably and wishing you had a drink of cool water but not quite enough to actually get up and get one. In many similar cases and circum- stances, it is almost as if astral projection is a compensatory mechanism, providing “mentally” things lacking physically. There should be as little stress as possible, because this seems to alert the “traveling part” that something is seriously wrong. A mild need can often produce an OOBE, and after you realize consciously that you can do it, subsequent separations become easier and easier … good luck!

Astral projection tip: There seems to be a lot of confusion about “who” or “what” separates during astral projection, and it may be that which is causing a lack of success. To distinguish between lucid dreams and astral projection may be pointless, because you may already be “leaving your body” for short periods and not realizing it, thinking the experiences to be imagination or dreaming. If you experience perceptual overlays, where you see/hear/feel two sets of stimuli simultaneously, you are probably separating. For example, thinking of the frozen tundra of Alaska causes a sudden chill, almost as if you were there … The “trick” is to locate conscious awareness in the part of you that travels. It is more a different way of perceiving than some totally new phenomena. The stress and strain and anxiety that many seem to attach to OOBE is NOT necessary. It should be easy, and it may be that many of you are simply trying too hard. It is not the actual doing of the astral projection that is difficult. It is the subsequent re-ordering of your world view and perception of reality that may be difficult. Since you are dealing with a perceptual problem, it seems easiest to use perceptions to solve it. If you imagine yourself to be locked in a physical body, unable to leave, so will you be. It is every bit as easy to alter your perceptual bias … look at a bird and try to imagine what the world looks like to the bird … as if you were the bird, seeing the world through it’s eyes … you could go through a long involved procedure but excercises like the above will take you a lot further toward OOBE than most other things. The essence of what you are is rearranging your perceptual bias to open to the possibility of perceiving from a vantage point external to your physical body. Try it!

Astral projection tip: Sleep deprivation can get you started with OOBE, or it can create an hallucinatory state called “exteriorization”. It is much the same in perception, and creates the belief in many people that they are “separating” when they are actually involved in “sleeplets”, very brief periods of combined dreams/imagery that is nearly identical to OOBE as far as the subject is concerned. The overlapping of dream imagery and conscious perception creates a mixed memory that can frequently have psychic content, adding to the perception that one has been “out of their body”.

To Mary, who sent the tip above about separating as a result of night work, I would really like to pursue that line of thought in more detail. I think the sleep deprivation direction is a blind alley, but I would like to learn more.

To Cynthia … your e-mail address is not valid … please send again or try snail mail! I am DEFINITELY interested in one to one communication regarding the subject. We did a lot of experimenting with sleep deprivation as a means to create controlled OOBE and found it far less useful than the opposite … an abundance of sleep. Specifically, to sleep a “normal span” and then, instead of jumping up and doing whatever, go back to sleep. In a fairly short period you will reach a saturation point of being fully rested and dipping for short periods into a fairly light stage of sleep. THAT IS THE EASIEST MENTAL STATE TO PROJECT FROM!!! If you simply allow yourself to be fully rested … free of outside distractions … and slipping easily in and out of light sleep, you will find that thinking of a person/place/event during the brief stages of waking will often lead to an OOBE or lucid dream in response to the thought.

The group I was associated with consisted of a number of people who were more or less involved with one another in intimate relationships. The “sexual OOBE’s” (for lack of a more precise term) nearly always took place in the morning, AFTER sleeping. The ones that took place BEFORE or WITHOUT sleep were drastically different, and more on the order of lucid dreams or imagery than OOBE. Specifically, being rested and relaxed seemed to promote “sexual OOBE’s” while being fatigued and tired made them more difficult. I am referring to externally validated OOBE, where the person “projected to” was fully aware of the projection, and interacted with the projector, then recorded their perceptions and gave the record to a third party, who would compare it with the projector’s description. I realize the extreme difficulty most people would have with such a concept, but we found the external validation to be of great value in determining what was OOBE and what was dream and what was simple fantasy. Fortunately, a group of telepaths are usually so entwined on such intimate levels that comments or descriptions of sexual OOBE’s are fairly easy and open. The impetus of sexual attraction seems to precipitate far more OOBE’s than anything else, at least in the initial stages of learning. As I explained in a previous tip, a function of the part that travels seems to be the fulfilling of needs, and it is far easier to project to someone you are sexually attracted to than to a monument or statue or set of map coordinates. (That is probably why telepaths make such lousy spies … they tend to get distracted a lot, in the beginning stages, and there is an almost psychotic sexual attraction between telepaths that is far different than any kind of similar attraction between “normal” people.)

I would very much like to exchange views or experiences or teach or learn or whatever … anything related to OOBE, psi, and especially telepathy … if you sent message and didn’t get a response, it is because your e-mail address was not valid. I will answer everyone! (CYNTHIA … TRY AGAIN!!!)

Written by: Sophie