Astral Projection FAQ

by Sophie on

Question: When I dream there are times I realize I am doing so but then I suddenly wake up. How can I keep from doing this?

Answer: Well, I have no quick fix for you, but try to understand the process:

Generally speaking, when you realize that you are conscious that you are dreaming, two forces come into play:

  1. There is a sense of surprise, perhaps elation or mystery. This can send a shock through the “self” which can be adequate to wake one up, to change your brainwave frequency from ‘sleep’ to ‘awake.’
  2. Conscious awareness occurs in a brainwave frequency from 14-21 Hz. Hz., or “Hertz” is the scientific term for cycles per second. When you are dreaming, your brainwave frequency is from 8-13 Hz., slower. The border area (say 12-15 Hz.) is where most initial conscious dreaming occurs. Naturally, it is easy to increase a few Hz. and come awake.

Practice is the key, with time it will come, particularly if you _believe_ that it will. I recommend affirmations, daily meditation and confidence. People accomplish this exercise every day, there is no reason why you can’t. In fact, you can. Practice and persistence pay off.

Question: My mother had always maintained that she had what she termed an “out-of-body experience” every night when she was a child. She was quite serious, and after reading some things on “astral projection,” I became understandably intrigued.

Answer: Sometimes OOBEs do happen spontaneously in children. Often they tell their parents and are told “it is just a dream, ignore it,” and then they learn to not have them any more.

Question: Is it true that travel to anyplace, anytime, unlimited, is possible?

Answer: I have not tried everything, but I have never experienced any limitations. A friend of mine has gone to Mars and brought back data that was later verified by the Mars lander…. I have gone forward in time and “seen” the future, accurately, before it happened.

Question: Would it then be similar to clairvoyance?

Answer: The experience feels different. I believe that we are merely tapping into the same source of information with different tools. We can experience toast with our eyes, our fingers, or our nose, and each one is different, but it is still toast…. for example.

Question: And, please tell me, is there anything I REALLY need to know before trying to experience this? I mean, can anyone do it, etc?

Answer: As far as I know anyone can do it. It will be easier for some than for others, but I believe there is no “special ability” required. Try a variety of techniques, and be persistent. If you get false information a few times re-assess your approach and try again, until you no longer care to try. I believe you can do it!

Question: I am curious to know more about the connection with young children leaving their bodies in response to overwhelming trauma or abuse such as rape, incest, etc. I know of someone who learned to leave their body as a child to escape the incest that was occurring. Today however, the OBE is frightening to them and they often see “dark figures coming towards them.” Why might some people’s experiences be negative?

Answer: As you already know, the mind is very powerful, and can create interpretations of any experience, physical or otherwise, which can match the expectations or fears (remember, fear is an expectation) of the subject. In this case I would be inclined to explore the association of the OOB experience with the trauma that the subject was fleeing. “Dark figures coming toward” the subject would seem to be consistent with at least one possible manifestation of incest, that of a child in a dark room being approached by the perpetrator.

In any case, one goal as humans is to transcend any conditioning of our perception by expectations or any other types of programming, and to experience the world without our projections. To be in the “astral” and to see it as it really is (rather than filling it with our creations) is an admirable goal. It is difficult enough to see the physical world “as it really is” for most people.

Question: While I was looking for “Astral Projections”. I have been trying both the techniques you have talked about and others too. However I have not yet consciously succeeded in astral travel…. but am still not there. The point is that I get vexed, and lose my concentration. Only now that I see all this on the net, and I feel kindled to start trying again( after about a hiatus of 7 months). Can you help me out in any way?

Answer: The most I can do, really, is to recommend that you meditate often (several times a day, and I find meditating near fountains or flowing water especially helpful), and then find a technique that works well for you.

The point is not so much to “get out of your body” but to shift your awareness to another part of your consciousness. It is parallel to the dream state, and usually we are asleep when we go there, so you must maintain consciousness while you do it (meditation helps here, for meditation is also parallel to the dream state). The techniques are just “helpers” to get us to focus there.

I have had good results with Robert Monroe’s books: Journies Out of the Body and Far Journies. Both of them will give you more help than I can give you in email.

Question: Also, what are your thoughts on telepathy, levitation, and teleportation? Are these connected to the oobe? Separate? How can these skills be developed?

Answer: Telepathy is a natural function of the human spirit. We are taught to ignore it as we grow rather than developing it, so we lose it. On some level there is a oneness of humanity, and telepathy is just one manifestation of our connection on that level. Separate from OOBE, I think, but one can use telepathy in OOBE. Develop it through meditation and listening to your “instincts” and “hunches.” You have to learn how to discern which are right and which are wrong…. Remember, it may take as much re-training as the effort you put into learning how to read.

Levitation I have not experienced nor seen. I have practiced psychokinesis, moving small objects with the mind’s power, but I’m not very good at it and can’t see enough application to devote myself to training myself in it. It was a lot of work, and I did it best when I was with someone else who was good at it (or was I using telepathy to influence him to do it? I don’t know.).

Teleportation I have no opinion. I have not had any experience with it. I am open minded.

Question: It would seem that there are numerous negative applications of these areas, if skill were developed by the wrong entities.

Answer: Sure, I suppose there is, like everything else. Language is a wonderful thing, and gives much freedom and joy to humans, but some use it to lie, cheat, deceive and harm other humans. Everything has good and bad applications.

Written by: Sophie