Telepathy – the direct transference of one’s thoughts, feelings(also called empathy) to another person without the use of the usual ways of communicating.

One theory is that everyone’s thoughts are radiated around them and telepaths are able to pick up on those thoughts.

Another theory is a link between two … Read the rest

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Wake induced lucid dream

Can you discuss some of the verifiable aspects of the travels you’ve experienced; the things that make you sure it’s not just a “lucid dream?” (Thank you for asking.)

In the chapter titled “Flip” from my book, I relate my struggle for confirmation of actually being “beyond the physical” as … Read the rest

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Lucid Dream Inducer

The Travel, Almost

I’ve been reminded recently of the frustration associated with the travel that “almost-but-not-quite-nearly-but-not-all-kinda-sorta-does-and-doesn’t happen.” (Read that “-” part backwards and it makes just as much sense.) This would be a travel prepped, planned and seemingly correct in every way that just doesn’t pan out to a successful … Read the rest

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Lucid Dreaming How To

Lights in studio begin to fade. Spots up. I come out running and shout:

This article is not an article! It’s a game-show! And I’m your host, Alan Guiden. Welcome and let’s get prepped to play (dramatic pause)…



Announcers hushed voice:

Yes, Travel Tricks! That fun and … Read the rest

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Melatonin Lucid Dreaming

Traveling Beyond Your Body

A brief background of melatonin…

The hormone is produced naturally and in plentiful measure during early childhood but diminishes as we age.

The hormone is being studied for its possible immune system bolster and a host of other “quality of life” benefits.

The hormone brings a … Read the rest

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Traveling Beyond The Body

Hmm. I’ll get to the article in a second. First, a joke:

A man is in a doctor’s office with a duck glued upon his head.

The doctor (remaining the professional that she is) inquires directly to the man, “What seems to be the problem?”

The ignored duck replies indignantly, … Read the rest

Travel beyond mind

If there is such a beast as “too much of a good thing,” then my desire to travel may be that beast. I don’t mind, of course.

My all-consuming-thought-above-thoughts-gotta-learn-it-know-it-have-it-live-it obsession is my path. I knew this as a child. I know this as an adult. It’s my niche and forte. … Read the rest

Why sleeping is important?

Recent research has shown the vital role that sleep plays in our overall well-being. What was once relegated to a special research field, sleep is being shown to have major influences on our bodies. Cardio-pulmonary malfunctions and personality disorders are amoung the many life-threatening problems that are being traced back … Read the rest

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Lucid Dreams Sex

Preparation for lucid dreams sex

Before using this technique, you will need to get in the proper mindset. This involves nothing more than keeping an open mind, and more importantly having the extreme desire to achieve an out-of-body state. If you are unfamiliar with the terms such as lucid dreaming, … Read the rest

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Free OOBE Inducer Software

OOBE Inducer Software 1.0

Welcome to OOBE Inducer Software (OIS 1.0) page, first software designed to induce OOBE. This browser-based software has been developed by Astral Forum and is now available for free. OOBE inducer is very easy to use. All you have to do is click the START button … Read the rest