Lucid Dreams Sex

Preparation for lucid dreams sex Before using this technique, you will need to get in the

Why sleeping is important?

Recent research has shown the vital role that sleep plays in our overall well-being. What was

Travel beyond mind

If there is such a beast as “too much of a good thing,” then my desire

Traveling Beyond The Body

Hmm. I’ll get to the article in a second. First, a joke: A man is in

Melatonin Lucid Dreaming

Traveling Beyond Your Body A brief background of melatonin… The hormone is produced naturally and in

Lucid Dreaming How To

Lights in studio begin to fade. Spots up. I come out running and shout: This article

Lucid Dream Inducer

The Travel, Almost I’ve been reminded recently of the frustration associated with the travel that “almost-but-not-quite-nearly-but-not-all-kinda-sorta-does-and-doesn’t

Wake induced lucid dream

Can you discuss some of the verifiable aspects of the travels you’ve experienced; the things that


Telepathy – the direct transference of one’s thoughts, feelings(also called empathy) to another person without the

What is Auric Vision

Have you ever heard sayings such as “He’s green with envy”, “I am so angry I